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All you need to know about IGCSE schools in Coimbatore

All you need to know about IGCSE schools in Coimbatore - AISIGCSE

International schools have become a popular choice for parents to educate their children. And while there are many great reasons to choose an international school, one of the most important is the curriculum. If you’re considering an international school for your child, it’s important to know about the best IGCSE schools in Coimbatore and what they provide. Keep […]

IGCSE/Cambridge – A Complete Guide

Know more about IGCSE Cambridge - AISIGCSE Coimbatore

If you’re unfamiliar with IGCSE and wondering why you should consider it for your child, then this blog is for you. Let’s talk about IGCSE This shorthand name refers to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, created by the University of Cambridge International Examinations over 30 years ago. One of the most popular international […]


International Curriculum Image - Anan Kids Academy

The widespread of the novel Coronavirus led to the closure of schools for more than a year, adversely affecting the students’ mental as well as physical health. Social distancing has hindered their socialization, led to the budding of introverts, and a lost childhood charm. In fact, many students prefer not to return to school and are comfortable […]