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The making of an Ananite

When we talk about student life at Anan International, we talk about the heart and soul of our school community. Being an Ananite is an intentional, dynamic, and thriving way of life required of our students across grades. Their opportunity for growth consists of, and is supported by, the House System, co-curricular and weekend activities, assisted study programmes, and counselling.

Your Child's Future Begins With Us

Constructive parent engagement

Anan enjoys the support of its diverse parent body, who partner with us in providing the best of everything to our learners. Their faith is the wind beneath our wings.

Merit without pressure

Evolving into achievers and game-changers is a natural progression for Ananites. They achieve this with unparalleled ease and grace.

No promises unfulfilled

Anan is reputed for its unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do, be it academics, student safety and welfare, or staff empowerment. We walk the talk.

International standards, yet affordable

Anan is full of interesting and unique avenues of learning to explore, and ensures that the quality of these experiences meet global benchmarking; true to our identity as an international school. Our idea is to make education valued, without it being expensive.

School over home

At a time when words like stress and pressure have percolated to the vocabulary of young children, Anan functions with the belief that schooling should be fun. We admit that it is a tall order, yet are rewarded time and again for our efforts - with scintillating smiles and resonant laughter.

The Cambridge Edge

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Internationally benchmarked curriculum

cambridge international school coimbatore

Innovative approach to Teaching & Learning

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Truly Global Student Community

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Pathway to Higher Education in leading global universities

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Wider Choice of Subjects

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Cambridge trained Faculty

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Opportunities Galore

Given the rapid changes that are reshaping many facets of our lives and opening new possibilities and challenges for education, our endeavour has always been to optimize the full range of what learners are able to do and what they might need, to be successful in the future. Our success in this reflects Anan’s aspirations to contribute productively to the society.

Club Activities

Field Trips & Excursions

International Olympiads

Tech Enabled Classroom

Social Initiatives

Integrated Sports Curriculum

Model United Nations


More than a thousand fantastic claims is one sincere word of appreciation. Time and again, our parent community and well-wishers have reached out to let us know what we are doing right. This feedback boosts our morale and fires us up to reach beyond the ordinary.

    Ms. Priyanka

    P/o. Pranav and Dhanvi

    When people ask me what I want my children to become, I tell them I do not want them to be a business person or dancer (though I am both). I tell them that I want my children to be good human beings first. My search for the right school ended with Anan. Besides being taught values, children are given the space to express themselves, to be themselves.

      Ms. Pavithra

      P/o. Lishwanth and Liyaksha

      My children carry a ‘bag of happiness’ to our family and society. Initially they never used to speak to others, since they were very reserved. After they joined Anan I could see a lot of changes within a couple of months. I am very happy.

        Ms. Priyanka

        P/o. Kevin

        My child imbibes more than his peers. I am sure his future is guaranteed. Thanks Anan International!

          Mr. Romit Sharma

          P/o. Saanvi Sharma & Jyanshu Sharma

          Our children come home everyday telling us stories about how fun it is to be in school. Your learning environment approach is amazing! Thank you for instilling this love of learning into our children.

            Mr. Arun Kumar

            P/o. Ajay and Harini

            Anan International school played a significant role in educating my children after moving from a different country. Teachers are very cooperative and helped in bridging any gaps after shifting to the educational system in India. Apart from education, Teachers are helping the kids in developing good habits, mannerism and eating healthy food.

            The Legacy of ANAN

            Anan International School is an initiative of Sharp Group. Established in 2009, the school aspires to revolutionize education by providing a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment conducive for learning and exploration. AIS Cambridge aims to foster enthusiastic and creative learners on their quest for a global perspective, and a relevant, high-quality education to prepare them to carve a niche for themselves.

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