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The making of an Ananite

The making of an Ananite

When we talk about student life at Anan International, we talk about the heart and soul of our school community. Being an Ananite is an intentional, dynamic, and thriving way of life required of our students across grades. Their opportunity for growth consists of, and is supported by, the House System, co-curricular and weekend activities, assisted study programmes, and counselling.

Given that not all learning takes place in the classroom, we commit to and value learning that takes place all over our campus.  This involves academic and extra-curricular activities, as well as social initiatives that happen in the course of life at school; each area providing students an opportunity to nurture one’s sense of self and leadership capabilities and to explore areas of interest or talent.

Our school culture relies on student, parent and teacher involvement, inclusion and interest. We cherish new experiences and provide opportunities to our students to pursue learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. We challenge them to get outside their comfort zone, encouraging them to engage in thoughtful conversations and to be respectful in their relationships.