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The Cambridge Edge

Internationally benchmarked curriculum

The Cambridge programme at Anan sets global standards for education, one that is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. The curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring; culturally sensitive, yet international in approach.

Innovative approach to teaching and learning

Excellent teaching – including the development of the learner attributes – is the single most significant factor impacting on learners’ academic performance and personal growth. Teaching strategies promoted by CAIE normally include carefully-designed individual learning activities, group work and whole-class instruction. The key element is the quality of learner engagement and the opportunities provided for feedback between the learner and teacher.

Truly global student community

Cambridge programmes and qualifications are taught to almost a million learners, in over 10,000 schools, across 160 countries. Cambridge teachers are also connected. Through professional learning communities – both online and face to face – teachers share views, information and resources, thereby learning from each other.

Pathway to higher education in leading global universities

Cambridge qualifications are globally recognised, accepted by over 2100 universities, and employers at home and around the world. A Cambridge qualification comes with an impressive reputation, and will retain its value for a lifetime of education and employment.

Wider Choice of Subjects

Cambridge offers a wide choice of subjects across different domains. There are over 70 subjects that a student can choose from for IGCSE and 55 plus for A Levels.

Cambridge-trained faculty

Cambridge has a robust training programme for teachers that guarantees a lifetime of success in the classroom. Driven by the belief that better teaching leads to better outcomes for learners, CAIE works closely with teachers to provide a comprehensive range of industry-leading qualifications, professional development and resources.