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Tips to motivate your bored teen (a guide for parents) - Anan International School

Tips to motivate your bored teen (a guide for parents)

Tips to motivate your bored teen! If you’re a parent of a teenager, you know that keeping them motivated can be a challenge. Especially when they seem to be bored with everything. But don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to help get your teen moving and motivated again. Keep reading!


Teens are, by nature, full of drive, inspiration, and motivation. All we need to do as parents is dig deep into their hearts to discover what motivates them and what would motivate them enough to pursue a task, challenge, or project rather than just do the routine.
We need to uncover the barriers preventing them from feeling motivated. That’s impossible when we constantly criticize them for being lazy or bombard them with judgments.
Instead, let’s take the time to listen. Ask questions. Learn what they’re thinking – what scares them, what worries them, and what motivates them. Understanding what your child feels makes it easier to discover why they are disengaged and what they require to perform well.


Even if your teenagers aren’t adults yet, an increased sense of autonomy and independence are inevitable parts of growing up.

Teenagers usually have strict rules and schedules to follow. Often, they have little control over their life.

Consequently, they feel annoyed and powerless and, eventually, do not care.

Thus, it’s important for them to feel like they have some control over what they do, making them more motivated to deliver their best.

As for motivating teenagers, avoid the temptation to say, “I know what’s best for you.”

You may know what is best for your teenager. But, when you cultivate a greater sense of autonomy in them, they will grow into more mature, responsible adults.


Don’t regard your teens’ hobbies as a waste of time, as this could lead to your teens becoming angry and resentful.

Instead, motivate them to work on their passions.

As your teens focus on a passion, they develop self-motivation and other life skills. So encourage them as they pursue their interests while helping them to lead a balanced life.

Get to know their passion by listening to and observing them. What may seem like a waste of time on social media might actually be their passion for photography or videography.

Bottom Line

It’s important that you lead by example. If your teen sees that you’re excited about learning and trying new things, they may be more likely to want to emulate that behavior.

Showing genuine interest in the things your teen is passionate about (even if you don’t understand them) will also make them feel supported and loved.

Finally, try not to push too hard – let your teen take the lead sometimes and find their way to be motivated.

With a little patience, understanding, and support, you can help guide your teen toward discovering their sources of motivation.

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