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All you need to know about IGCSE schools in Coimbatore - AISIGCSE

All you need to know about IGCSE schools in Coimbatore

International schools have become a popular choice for parents to educate their children. And while there are many great reasons to choose an international school, one of the most important is the curriculum. If you’re considering an international school for your child, it’s important to know about the best IGCSE schools in Coimbatore and what they provide. Keep reading to know more!

IGCSE – what is it?

The acronym IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education; a perfect preparation for 14 to 16 years old students. The IGCSE is a globally-recognized certification that students can receive for completing their secondary education.

This certificate is comparable to O-levels, UK GCSE, 5th form, or 11th year. After completing this certification, a student can move to the Advanced Level (A-Level) or 6th form or pre-university studies. 


IGCSE: a 30-year-old curriculum developed by ‘Cambridge University Examinations.’ The University of Cambridge has been the local examination board of the UK since 1858. The University of Cambridge owns the IGCSE trademark.


Among the most widely recognized certifications across the globe is IGCSE. It’s one of the prerequisites for admission to world-class universities. IGCSE is given similar credit to UK’s GCSEs and Cambridge International A-Levels.


While designing this curriculum, leading schools from around the world were involved. This means that the syllabus has both an international and a local flavor. Specifically, the syllabus was designed to provide an international curriculum without resorting to local biases.

Obtaining an IGCSE certification can be achieved through various routes tailored to the student’s learning ability. Several factors have been considered when designing the curriculum, such as content, application of knowledge, flexibility, communication in English, cultural awareness, and intellectual inquiry.


In addition to core subjects, there are other subjects that allow students to expand their horizons. This way, learners can connect between subjects and study what they enjoy. 

The curriculum was designed to foster creativity and problem-solving skills among students. The minimum number of subjects a student can take is five, and the maximum number is fourteen. There is an array of subjects that can be studied, depending on the school and individual preferences.

Students can choose from more than 70 subjects, including 30 languages. Among the core subjects are English, science, and mathematics. Studies include Business Studies, Accounting, Sociology, Computer Studies, Information and Communications Technology, Art and Design, Economics, and many others.

Bottom Line

IGCSE schools are great for kids who need more than just academics. With its emphasis on practical skills and unconventional methods like oral or listening tests, IGCSE provides a well-rounded education that will benefit your child, whatever their interests may be!

While there are several certifications a student may choose from at the secondary level, the IGCSE curriculum offers a multicultural outlook and is a great choice for young learners.

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