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Tips on getting ready for school post-summer break - AISIGCSE

Tips on getting ready for school post-summer break

The summer break is over, and it’s time to head back to school. Among these are early mornings, evening home works, test papers, and so on. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad! There are plenty of things you can do to make the adjustment back to school life a bit easier. Here are some tips on getting ready for school post-summer break

Schedule your routine 

As you go into vacation mode, you may lose the “early to bed and early to rise” habits. Falling back on schedule a week or so before school starts will help, as you won’t run into any challenges as school starts. 

Spend some time with your books

After a long and fun-filled summer break, getting back to studying and concentrating on lessons can be challenging. Setting up a reading routine a week before your vacation ends will help you stay on track. Read books that you love, or go to a nearby library.

You may also consider spending some time reviewing your notes and concepts to recollect your learnings. Besides restoring your confidence, this will also rekindle your enthusiasm for studying and returning to school.

Get Organized  

Shopping for school supplies has always been one of the best parts of schooling, hasn’t it?

Take advantage of the upcoming academic year and shop for your favorite fancy school supplies. Consider taking help from your parents to shop for all your school essentials, including a bag, socks, an umbrella, lunch cutlery, and whatnot! 

Get your shoes polished, your nails and hair trimmed, and get ready to rock your first day of the new academic year.

Get Healthy

In the wake of all the baked goodies and treats showered upon you (by grandparents off coz), getting back on healthy eating habits may sound daunting. But you wouldn’t like falling sick, would you? 

Get yourself a balanced meal and plenty of water to rehydrate. Also, talk to your parents about what you’d like to have for lunch and what makes for a balanced meal. Your mum would love to prepare those healthy kinds of stuff that come out of your mouth.

Get your ZZZs  

It’s easy for you to become a night owl because you know you can sleep in the next morning. The chances are that you may quickly get adapted to such habits.

Put off your video games, mute your mobile phone and get a good night’s sleep at least a week before your vacation is to end. This way, you don’t whine when waking up for school.


Get in touch with your friends and talk about your new semester.

This way, you don’t lose touch with them and are eager to meet them when the school reopens. 

Getting back to school after a long vacay is the most exciting school hood experience. Be sure to have fun!

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