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Cambridge International School - Best IGCSE school in Coimbatore - AISIGCSE

Cambridge Computing curriculum helps learners understand how computers work. This stimulating course gives students the opportunity to look inside a computer to understand the purpose of different components. They will develop coding skills on visual programming languages, such as Scratch, and learn that computers can only perform actions that humans ask them to do.

Learning Outcomes

Students develop the computational thinking skills and vocabulary they need to:

  • Extract key information from a set of instructions, break down problems into smaller parts and recognise patterns within sequences of instructions
  • Present sequences of instructions both verbally and visually, with increasing precision
  • Think logically to identify and solve errors in progressively complex computing scenarios
  • See themselves as computer scientists and understand how skills such as programming and logical thinking help in local and global industries
  • Understand the role that computers, other machines and data play in their lives.