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Welcome note

Welcome note

Dear Prospective Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in Anan International School. It is a truly remarkable place, and in great measure it is the staff that has made it so. We are delighted that our school has caught your eye.

A few words about who we are. We teach and work in partnership with students and parents. What binds us together is our dedication to our pupils, the development of innovative teaching practices, and our desire to be path-breakers in providing quality care to the young learners entrusted to us.  We are a diverse, talented, and lively team with the highest personal and professional regard for one another.

It is exciting and demanding to work in an environment that supports teachers to deliver the best. We ensure that at Anan you are empowered to fulfill your potential, through a robust professional development and mentorship program at every stage. The administrators and senior staff have been associated with the school for years and are ever-willing to guide and support you as you find your way through a new environment and culture.

Anan is deeply invested in a rigorous approach to learning, founded on inquiry-based and discussion-centered pedagogy,  that inspires critical thinking, creativity and global-mindedness in students. We are seeking passionate and sensitive teachers who desire to make their classrooms safe havens where students feel the trust and respect necessary to explore and take risks in their learning. Needless to say, we will ensure that you, as an educator, enjoy the same trust and respect that will allow you to develop in your own practice in the classroom.

If working in Anan is appealing to you, we hope you will spend some time finding out more about the school from this website. You will be able to get a fair sense of the place from clicking on some of the many articles gathered here. We might suggest this brief essay (hyperlink to Correspondent’s Message) from our Corrspondent, Shri. Kannan Ramachandran, as an apt place to start.

We wish you the very best as you consider a future with us.

Warm regards,

Team Anan