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Here's how to make your weekend productive

Here’s how to make your weekend productive

It may be tempting to lounge on your cozy couch binge-watching or binge-gaming while munching junkies, but that’s not a smart way to spend a weekend. There are plenty of ways to make the weekend more productive while still taking time to enjoy yourself. Keep reading!

Get your beauty sleep

Sleep? On the weekend!? Seriously?

You heard that right. To do just about anything, your body and mind need sufficient rest. Sleeping well ensures you have the energy to make the most of your weekend. 

Following a sleep schedule will keep your sleep cycle in check and make you feel less groggy on a Monday morning.

Create a To-Do List

Work out your weekend plans the same way you plan your school week, but make it fun.

Make a list of everything you want to accomplish over the weekend – from visiting your grandparents to swimming lessons and bathing your pet. Recheck your list. This way, you won’t miss out on anything.

Ignore Social Media 

Spending a little time on social media or gaming is fine. However, be sure not to get sucked into it. 

Keep in mind that it’ll take another 5 days to get back a weekend. So make it fun and exciting.

Get out for a stroll, ride a bicycle, solve a puzzle, learn a new language, kick a goal, or whatever your hobbies are.

Tidy your Room

Heard about visual clutter? 

Visual clutter consists of items that are within your visual range. This includes everything right from the items on your bed, the decor on your shelves, the paintings on your walls, and even the items inside your cabinets.

Although you may not realize it, visual clutter can cause stress and anxiety. No matter where you turn, there’s something to see.

Even if it’s not technically messy, it can reduce your ability to focus and prevent you from relaxing.

Enjoy some me-time 

Make it a point to spare an hour or two caring for yourself:

  • Munch on healthy ingredients
  • Sip some fruit juices
  • Get a head massage
  • Clean out your closet
  • Iron your clothes
  • Organize your planner

Penciling in some “me-time” for the weekend is an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate for a productive week ahead.

Earn a few bucks

A part-time job is another great idea for a productive weekend. Besides gaining knowledge and experience, it also builds your resume and is a worthwhile activity to earn a few dollars.

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